Three Steps To Sell Your House Fast In CT

By Heather Dunlop

Connecticut is a competitive real estate market right now… and if you need to sell your house fast in CT there are some things you can do to help out the effort. (NOTE: If you’re on a time crunch and just want someone to buy your house from you fast… that’s what we do! We’re home buyers in CT and would love to make you a fair all-cash offer.  Go here to learn how we work << )

There are many homes that are sitting on the market for a long period of time.

The homeowners are in a situation where you need to get the house sold. You may be facing foreclosure, job relocation, divorce, or have inherited a property you don’t want.

So, how do you sell the house fast?

  1. Get the House Ready for Sale  (if you work with an investor like us, we’ll buy your house in “as-is” condition, which can be a benefit in working with us. Learn more )

    Before you put the house up for sale, make sure it is in the best possible condition.   That means cleaning up the yard and adding curb appeal. Many buyers will not go inside if they don’t like the way the house looks from the curb. You can do simple things like:   -pull the weeds -keep the lawn mowed -add some fresh flowers -powerwash the walkways , driveway, and the house -touch up the trim paint -Paint the front door   When the buyers walk in the house, they want to see themselves living in the house. Simple things you can do inside are:   -Keep the house clean -Remove all clutter and put it in a storage facility -Keep the pets out of the house when buyers viewing the home -Remove all odors, don’t smoke in the house -Touch up any paint -Have the carpets professionally cleaned   If you are not sure what needs to be done, have a Professional Stager give you a consultation. Many times you can pay a stager a consultation fee for their advice and then you can make the changes they suggest.

  2. Price the house according to the competition  

    We all want the highest price for our house, that can work against you in today’s market and end up costing you more money.   You have to look at the other houses on the market in your area to see what they offer a buyer. When you look at the other houses, put yourself in the mind of the buyer. The buyers are the ultimate judge, not you. If the other houses offer more than your house, you will sit on the market longer.   The best thing you can do, is price your house lower than the competition. This is a buyer’s market and they are looking for a bargain. If you are not a bargain, your house will sit on the market.

  3. Offer seller concessions or a bonus  

    You want buyers to come see your house. You can do that by offering something your competition is not offering. For example, you could offer: -Home Warranty -Cash back at closing -Brand new flat screen TV -Barbeque -HOA fees paid for a period of time   Be creative. Think about what buyers in your area may want and offer it to them when they buy the house.   Remember, this is a buyer’s market and they have a lot of choices when it comes to buying a house. Make yours stand out and get it sold!

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