Avoiding Foreclosure in CT – Why You Absolutely MUST Avoid a Foreclosure (and how)

By: J Summers

Foreclosure is a professional proceeding and a legal action that lender take at the event of delinquency of payment on the part of the mortgagor.

Through a foreclosure, the lender uses his security interest to give him the right to assume ownership of your property and sell or auction it in order to recover their investment.

Why You Should Avoid Foreclosure Here In CT

There are many reasons why you should avoid foreclosure.

Here are some of them:

  1. Foreclosure happens through the court system and this will be in public records and advertised in the local newspapers. This means that most likely, your relatives and friends will see your hardships and this is certainly not good for your image or your self-esteem. This is one of the main reasons why you should avoid it and save your face from shame.
  2. It is often the case that the home being foreclosed has some emotional and sentimental value on the owner. Perhaps it has been on the family for generations or that you have lived your childhood memories in this house. For whatever personal reason you have in keeping your property, it will only show the value of the house or the property being repossessed by the lenders. Letting go of your sentiments and your memories will definitely be an emotional experience for you.
  3. In the process of foreclosure, the lenders usually end up taking all the equity from the homeowner because the fees and expenses involved can be really high. Homes are usually being also sold for much less than what they’re actually worth, so as a result there wouldn’t be much equity left for the homeowner.
  4. In some cases, when a foreclosure occurs, the person or the family who lost their house has nowhere else to go. It hard to be homeless and keep your dignity intact. This is in fact one of the biggest fears and worst case scenario should a foreclosure happens.
  5.  It is also hard to move into a new place and take the children out of school. Most likely the children will be going to the school within their neighbourhood. Once the family can no longer afford living in the neighbourhood, one of the things that will be affected by this will be where the children go to school. They will eventually have to move to a different school after the foreclosure. It is tough to uproot your children from what they have been used to and will be increasingly uncomfortable for them and their parents.
  6. Along with the relocation comes the change of distance from your new home to your place of work. Many people have purchased their home for the purpose of being near their place of work. It might be too hard to find a new home in the same location and the owner of the house might even result to a change of job just to accommodate his new status.   Foreclosures will definitely have a long-term effect in one’s credit rating. If you don’t want your credit score ruined, then avoid a foreclosure. It is said that your credit score may drop up to 500 points. This would now mean fewer opportunities for you to qualify for credit in the future.   About the Author: Are you worried about foreclosure?  Do you believe there’s nothing you can do? You need to know all of your options – you can be SAVED from foreclosure.

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