Sell Your Home Faster With Home Staging

By: Real Estate Advisor Want to sell your house fast?  Staging can help you do that a bit easier. Home sellers are always on the look out for strategies they can use to help sell their homes faster and at a better price. One such technique that can help shorten the time homes stay on … Continued

Three Steps To Sell Your House Fast In CT

By Heather Dunlop Connecticut is a competitive real estate market right now… and if you need to sell your house fast in CT there are some things you can do to help out the effort. (NOTE: If you’re on a time crunch and just want someone to buy your house from you fast… that’s what … Continued

Foreclosure in CT: There Are Always Alternatives!

By Zach Whitston Foreclosure is no fun.  It’s draining financially… draining emotionally… and can cost you a lot more than just your house.  But, there are alternatives to actually having your house foreclosed on.  We’re specialists in helping Connecticut home owners avoid foreclosure… and here’s some tips to help you find alternatives to having your … Continued